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  • Elisa Boynton

Which Instrument Should I Choose?

You would like to play an instrument but you are not quite sure which one to choose. You may already know what instrument makes sounds that please your ear. That might help you in the right direction. If you like high pitches violin may be your future instrument. If you enjoy low and calming vibrations, viola or cello might be the match for you. You already may have a piano in your Livingroom as family heirloom waiting for somebody to play it. If you need a little bit cheer in your everyday life ukulele, the "happy" instrument might be the one that makes your day. If you choose guitar you can soon learn to strum chords and little later perhaps specialize in finger picking. Follow your heart and your interest. You can go to local music shop to look at different instruments and see what makes your heart beat faster. Which instrument feels nice to handle? You might also buy a ticket to a concert and observe the sounds of different instruments and see what pleases your ear. Or just install ear buds in your ears and browse music apps in your phone. Why not let Alexa help you and ask her to play music for different instruments. Go for your dream and cross something off from your bucket list, find a new dimension to your life and start the adventure!